I have to stop thinking for awhile because I am getting frustrated. I am frustrated that a man who does not know me or my history, that has no children of his own, that seems to have very little training in family law is able to keep me from my only child because I am poor. The child I have raised alone since she was 4 weeks old. My ex-husband has more money than me so he is a better parent?  Of course he has more money than me. He has been able to work his way up at the police department and have his career because I took on the sole responsibility for parenting our child. I struggled while he led the good bachelor life. Now, I get punished for that while he gets to walk back in 11 years later and collect his “prize” – our daughter. Because now he is remarried with a new baby and ready to be a family man. This Judge is ruining my relationship with my daughter. He has ALLOWED my ex-husband to be in contempt and alienate me over a period of 14 straight months. Beyond disgusted tonight.


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