I have been abused by a vindictive ex-husband and now the family court continues the abuse FOR him ….

Beyond LIVID. Lawyer’s office just called. We can get a court date for April 23, 2014 for a 3 hour hearing to finish our trial which began on December 11, 2013 and was already postponed once. All based upon an ILLEGAL “temporary” order granted in September of 2012. Are you kidding me? Temporary in family court = 2 YEARS stolen!!!! Not to mention the 3 contempt motions I have on the table that have NEVER been heard thanks to delays and last minute cancellations on the part of the respondent. Not to mention that the respondent took it upon himself to stop paying child support, deny me visits, deny me every single holiday (including mother’s day), deny my court ordered skyping and phone contact and everything else for the past 16 months so that he could destroy my relationship with my daughter thru Parental Alienation Syndrome and financially bankrupt me into the gutter. Family Court = What a JOKE!!!!! PARENTAL KIDNAPPING and PARENTAL ALIENATION should be a CRIME. It is child abuse.¬†Contempt should not be allowed. It would never be allowed in Criminal Court so why is it consistently and repeatedly allowed in Family Court? Because Family Court is a “lawless” court where laws don’t have to followed and Judges have ridiculous amounts of so called “discretion” and bias, abuse and tyranny run rampant. No wonder Family Court has more violence, suicide and murder than any other court. People GIVE up. #injustice


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