Shame On You …………

Things I learned last night. 1. My daughter went to school on Monday morning in 32 degree weather in a sweater. Because she lost her jacket. Which really isn’t a jacket. It is a thin hoodie type of jacket from Aeropostle with NO lining. They could not “find” something else for her to wear to keep her warm? 2. Because she lost this jacket, she does not get any of the chore money she has earned for sweeping and mopping all the floors and babysitting because she now has to buy that jacket back. Even though she has another similar Danskin warm up jacket that I bought her that she can use (she left it at a friend’s house but she will be able to retrieve it unlike the Aeropostle jacket). But no, she still has to give up months worth of her piddly amount of chore money. Guess they need it to pay those legal bills? 3. My almost 13 year old daughter recently had a sleepover with her same age step sister at her step sister’s MALE friends house. My daughter did not want to go as it is not even her friend but was made to go. When she got there, it was not only this one MALE friend but also another MALE friend that he had invited as well. So let’s get this straight. 2 teen age girls and 2 teen age boys had a sleep over together at the boys house. On top of that, my daughter said she was very uncomfortable because the boy whose house it was has ANGER issues. He was screaming at his mom, calling her a b*tch (all over some video game he lost because his mom had the nerve to talk and interrupt his playing). My daughter said he was screaming, his face was turning red and his veins were popping out. Her description, not mine. She did not even know the other boy. She said she wanted to go home because she did not feel comfortable. I asked her, and she confirmed, that she had in fact texted her dad and his new wife and told them what was going on but apparently no one thought it important enough to go and get her. I assume it was probably “date night” and they were looking to get rid of all the kids in the home for the night? This is by far the first time something like this has happened. Just the latest. Of course, my daughter then begged me not to tell her dad that she had told me for fear of retaliation. So, I, as her mother, once again, cannot even convey my parental concerns to him because I have to protect her in that manner. I can’t protect her in one manner because I have to protect her in another. If I did go to him, she would then of course be angry with me for telling him because he will take it out on her. SO, what do I do? I am in a lose lose position. These are the kind of things that as a mom infuriate me. This is who is now in charge of my daughter’s safety and well-being? Are you kidding me? Praying that she can keep warm, stay healthy and not get sick prior to exams next week. Also praying she is not forced to attend any more sleep overs with BOYS she does not know who have obvious behavior issues. I wish she would have texted me. I would have gone and picked her up in a heartbeat. Regardless of ignorant court orders from biased Judges. Praying for the truth to come out some way some how. Praying for my daughter’s safety. Praying that my hands are allowed to be untied from behind my back so that I can help protect my only daughter. Praying at some point that this Judge gets some wisdom. I only want the “whole” truth to come out. How long does my daughter have to suffer from others lack of judgment and concern and care? And by others, I am including the Judge who never has time to listen to all the facts and concerns. Whatever happens to my daughter, I rest squarely on his shoulders and the shoulders of anyone else who has contributed and or supported these two such as my “former” adoptive parents who have selfishly helped my ex-husband in this case in order to ensure their own (half-hearted and when it’s convenient) relationship with my daughter continues. At the risk of her mental, emotional and physical well-being. Shame on you grandparents. Grandparents who had not even spoken to this ex-husband in 11 years until the kidnapping. The kidnapping they helped him plan. Traumatizing both me and my daughter. Now they are suddenly “best friends” with him. Shame on you. Shame on you Judge. Shame on you dad. Shame on you step-mom. Shame on you all. 

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