Reflection of my mother: an excerpt from my memoir

I pray that one day my daughter will have the insight to “get it” like this now adult “alienated daughter” does. I cannot wait until her memoir is published. I want a signed copy to give to my daughter.

From Torn 2 Pieces 2 Peace

My mother and I have been engaged in an awkward dance of reconnecting. We use email because it feels safe. I have time to choose my words carefully. Besides, I think that my mother is not ready to hear the sound of my voice again.Two_Sides_To_Every_Story_by_jerry8448

She and my father had an ugly divorce when I was five, and my father gained custody of me. A year later my father remarried and my visits with my mother stopped. I remember sneaking down to the basement when I was very young to look at the one picture with my mother in it. The others had been discarded, but my father missed this one and I was grateful. It proved to me that she was still real.2 sides dark

Years later I have processed so many feelings, including the anger I had at her abandoning me. I am ready to embrace my mother and becomeā€¦

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