Another day, another ridiculous excuse about why the ALIENATOR won’t be held responsible in family court!!!!

So today my lawyer tells me that “technically” my ex is not in contempt of court on child support (he has not paid since November 1st plus also owes a previous month so 4 months) because since the Judge ordered only public visits for me in November and since then I have only had public visits and no overnights. So because I have no overnights and my ex requested in his motion to stop paying child support and have me pay him child support instead – because he made that “request” – then he is technically not in contempt? This is so ridiculous. This monster continues to get away with murder. Well, how about I make a “request” that he does pay support? It is like HE  can just do whatever HE wants in family court with no repercussions. This is why I tell my lawyer that if he is this boldly contemptuous during litigation, can she imagine what my life is like with NO-ONE watching him? Disgusting. And, my lawyer is always a day late and a dollar short so she has assisted the monster and the family courts in hurting my case in my personal opinion. Had she done what I asked, when I asked – we may not be in this position right now. Yet she reminds me almost daily how she is practically working for “free” to help me right now. Gee. If she had done what I asked, when I asked …. Case might be CLOSED and done by now. Guess I am supposed to be grateful for the “lack of effort and diligence” on my case? How much more should I pay for the “lack of a sense of urgency” and the “let’s wait until it is a big cluster and then operate in putting out the fires mode”. I told her when I hired her I want to go on the offense and NOT constantly be on the defense and picking up the pieces. I have only told her that 200 times in the last year. Lastly, what kind of slime ball sleaze bag lawyer would encourage his client to NOT pay child support, not allow phone calls, deny visits and holidays, deny Skype, etc. His lawyer is a real scumbag to do that to a mother and a little girl. Especially when he knows his client was NOT involved in raising this little girl AT ALL for the first 11 and a half years of her life. I hope Karma one day visits him as well. I know it is bad because I cringed when my lawyer texted me about my case today. I don’t even want to talk to HER anymore, either. I just want to run and hide. I am done being stressed and worried. I am done being abused and beat up. I am done.


5 thoughts on “Another day, another ridiculous excuse about why the ALIENATOR won’t be held responsible in family court!!!!

  1. An abuser gets to drive the family court train. Why a parent engaged in alienation gets rewarded for engaging in what experts have called the “worst form of child abuse” is a moral crime. Victims (child and target parent) are put in a no-win situation. I had to forget the legal games that do nothing but encourage a sick soap opera staring my daughter’s abuser, but involving her to act as well. I am still trying to financially keep it together. I encourage you to speak at Toastmaster club meetings or wherever/however. Thank you for articulating the reality of parental alienation & the insane court system so well. Thank you for being a voice for all victims.

      • Thank you for your prayers. I see the letter I wrote to my daughter getting read, but I’m going to post it in “Moms’ Hearts Unsilenced” Facebook page in hopes that she & other daughters in same situation will see it if others share or others who know her relate it. You’re welcome to post your work there as well. I hope you do some speeches/videos.

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  3. Do you still have the moms hearts unsilenced blog? Or is torn 2 peaces your new blog? I will post on the FB page. I don’t think my daughter would go looking for anything like that but perhaps I can “link” her to it one day soon 🙂 Right now, she truly does not think that has happened, I am sure. It is sad but it is what it is.

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