If you can’t “pay” in dollars and cents, then you will surely “pay” in other ways … you will lose your children in Family Court

H.G. Beverly, Author

SONY DSC I found a skilled therapist who’s supposed to be the ONE who can help with the doubtful task of deprogramming my children from alienation.

The retainer fee?

Twenty grand.

Yes, I said $20,000 down—that’s what’s required to get started with two days of work together.

Needless to say, we haven’t made it yet.

Here’s a link to another woman who knows exactly what I mean when I say we can’t afford the help we need.

Had several horrible nightmares regarding my daughter and this whole situation again last night. They seemed so real. Wait, they are real. I will update more to the blog soon. I am very concerned regarding my 13 year old daughter’s well-being. Emailed my lawyer about them. I owe her more money so have not heard back. That’s how family court works. Children have to be “bought” and “sold” as do concerns, accountability, contempt, hearings, abuse, etc.


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