What is in your ‘comfort zone?’… How the sociopath ‘grooms’ its victim


Dating a Sociopath


Do you, after a period of recovery miss the sociopath? Do you look back to the happy times? Do you ever wonder how did things go so wrong? If you hear the voice inside of your head that questions, ‘why couldn’t it just have been like that all of the time’? I hope that this post explains how the sociopath operates to control and manipulate you. What is going on inside of your head, when you have those ‘missing you‘thoughts and pangs. Remember that you have been in a relationship, that was controlling, manipulative, and deceptive. This post will look at how the sociopath focuses on feeding your comfort zone, to own you.

The sociopath focuses on your comfort zone to manipulate and control you. Think about what is in your comfort zone? Where are you safe? What makes you happy? It could be anything at all, home…

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