Kids don’t just “snap” out of it when they turn 18. You have to STOP parental alienation ASAP!!!!!

“They’ll snap out of it when they turn 18” and other FALSE INFORMATION about Parental Alienation

November 13, 2012 at 9:24am

It’s important to know the fact that a young adult who is alienated from a parent is NOT “an adult and is her own person and free to do what she wants.” 


This is FALSE INFORMATION that alienating parents and alienating stepparents like to try to convince people of. 


You see, parental alienation involves control and manipulation and brainwashing with EXACTLY the same methods as cults. THIS IS A PROVEN FACT. (The children are the cult members and the alienating parent and/or alienating stepparent are the cult leaders.) Unfortunately brainwashing doesn’t automatically shut off nor do people automatically snap out of brainwashing when they turn 18 years old. If that was the case, then no one would remain in cults after they turn 18. Sadly, age is irrelevant when someone has been brainwashed and the programming will remain as long as the cult leaders are able to maintain control and manipulation regardless of age.


Alienating parents and alienating stepparents will also make statements such as “She is doing very well in her life and is not heartbroken without you.” This is also typical cult behavior, where the cult leader will try to convince outsiders that the cult members have “never been happier” even while being blocked from people they love. ALL formerly alienated children and young adults confirm that this is a LIE. All children NATURALLY love and want relationships with BOTH parents. Alienated children and young adults are NOT happy without the other parent. Yes, they must PRETEND to be happy as cult members MUST DO to appease the cult leaders. In fact, alienated children and young adults are often depressed and suicidal. As one formerly alienated young adult who is 23 years old shared recently in one of our PAAO North Texas Chapter meetings “You’re tormented by the alienating parent and you can’t tell anyone because it would be the ultimate betrayal to the alienating parent.” 


I urge everyone to please take some time to learn the FACTS about parental alienation. Please be sure to google “parental alienation cult” for many articles describing in detail how severe parental alienation situations operate EXACTLY the same as as a cult. (Food for thought…if a cult leader can brainwash thousands of people into drinking cyanide, another cult leader can brainwash just a few children and young adults to hate one person.) 


Some experts that are great resources for parental alienation education are Linda J Gottlieb, Dr. Amy J L Baker and Dr. Richard Warshak. All of these experts are highly respected for their many years devoted to study and research.  PAAO USA North Texas Chapter is very fortunate that these world renowned experts have all contributed to our local efforts to increase parental alienation awareness and education.


For more information about parental alienation, what experts call “the worst form of child abuse” please consider joining PAAO USA North Texas Chapter and please gather information about parental alienation from experts who have devoted their lives to the study of this abuse such as Dr. Richard Warshak, Dr. Amy Baker and Linda Gottlieb.  


Wendy Archer

Parental Alienation Awareness Organization USA

North Texas Chapter 


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