Random Thoughts

So most days I have non-stop thoughts and worries about things that have happened during the past 20 months or more. Usually random and often triggered by something or other. I want it all documented. I want others to be informed and I also want my daughter to see it someday when she is old enough. She is entitled to know the truth of what has happened to us. But, most times, I just can’t sit down and write out long blog posts. I am too drained, too sad and too depleted with all that has happened. So, I have decided that I will start doing short random blog posts for those thoughts and worries. They may be random and / or off topic at times but I feel better once they are out there. I want everyone to know what my ex-husband, his new wife, this Judge and my former adoptive parents have done to my daughter and I. The trauma and permanent damage. It is truly unforgiveable and horribly cruel to rip a little girl away from the mother who has raised her for her entire life due to “finances” and still here I sit, on a “temporary” unconstitutional order, almost 2 full years later. Unable to afford to continue the legal fight and unable to afford to fix all of the legal errors that this Judge has made. Money talks and loving mothers walk in FAMILY court. One day soon I will start naming names in this blog. I am missing my little girl today. I love you and miss you very much, KJ. Love, Mama.




7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Hello, would you be interested in joining up with me in an effort to expose the bias of some Florida judges. You said there was a story in the newspaper about that judge. Well my story and my judges have also been in the newspaper and on TV. I thought if I could take your story and make the comparison to my story which is I took my son for 9 months to protect him and ended up in jail. Then my son wasn’t able to see me for 6 years. It seems like when dads take their kids the judges reward them. When the mom takes the kids in my case for protection of abuse then she is punished. In both cases the child is punished by not being allowed to see the mother. I know a similar story to yours.
    This summer I am writing a complaint to the JQC against my judge and then to every representative in our state. I then will take a copy of my complaint and letter and send to the news media that did my story here. I would like to know the name of the writer and the paper that did the story on your judge.
    This would show a sharp contradiction of how judges treat mothers. My children are already grown up and I have written a book and do some public speaking. I am still out there because of mothers like you and mostly because of the children. You might be able to take this story and use it to your advantage. Your judge might not pay any attention, but you could use it as a vehicle to appeal to the higher court. Questioning just what is the law when it comes to mothers and Parent Alienation?
    My website is http://www.protectingmychild.org and my email is on the site. I am also going to Washington DC this Mother’s day to help fight these court abuses.
    All you would need to do is give me the newspaper info. I can just attach your story here, unless you wanted to give me more information, that is up to you. It won’t be fast, but I waited 6 years to see my son, I hope you can see your child much sooner. If you want to speak just email me and I will send my number.

    • Yes. I thought about doing a complaint to the JQC also even though I have been told it is very hard to get anywhere. As always. These Judges seem to have unlimited and unchecked “discretion” and do not have to follow the laws or best interest of the child. Or heck, even let you testify uninterrupted for more than two minutes to actually HEAR what you have to say that just MIGHT be important. They can be totally openly biased. It is unreal to me. Yes, you can use my story. We are friends on FB I believe. I attached a link to the newspaper article in my ABOUT section. It is ABC Action News. The original reporter does not work there anymore, unfortunately. Can you please tell me what representatives you plan to contact?

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