Things you can do to show an alienated mom that you care on Mother’s Day … and every day.

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As one would imagine, Mother’s Day is one of the hardest days that an alienated mother goes through. Just like her child’s birthday, holidays and other special events that she is unjustly missing. Memories that can never be replaced. Stolen time.

Don’t forget that these mothers are still moms. Being alienated does not take away the bond that they have with their children. It does not make the love that they have for them disappear. If anything, it has only made their love and fierce desire to protect stronger than ever before.

These moms are courageous, strong, warriors. During their darkest times, they manage to fight through the pain and grief. They struggle to literally get up off the floor, wipe their tears and advocate for not only their children but also for other moms and their alienated children too.



These moms should never be forgotten. Not on Mother’s Day or any day. This is a pain that no loving mother should ever have to endure.

You can show you care by doing a few of the following things for these moms. On Mother’s Day or any day.

  1. Call them or send them a message just to say that you are thinking of  them on this important and special day and that they are loved. Remind them what a great mother they are. Give them examples. They may or may not feel like talking and that is OK. It is the reaching out that matters.


  1. Send them a card. Or make one!! They are still moms. Remember, they probably won’t be getting a card from their child. Send them a card letting them know they are a wonderful mom and how you admire them for their strength and courage.


  1. Invite them to Mother’s Day lunch or dinner. Give them the option to think about it and choose whether they feel they are strong enough to go or not. Leave an open invitation with no pressure. Remember, this day brings up a lot of sad emotions for a mother missing her child. She may want to go and she may not. If she is courageous enough to go, don’t leave her out. Acknowledge her as the great mother that she is.


  1. Send her flowers. Or drop by and surprise her with some. You can pick some pretty flowers for free or get some inexpensive flowers or plants at the local grocery store. A little something beautiful goes a long way for a loving mother missing her child.


  1. Treat her to breakfast in bed, a manicure or pedicure. Something that she possibly may have gotten from her child if she had been given the opportunity. Chances are, this is something that she would never do for herself. Remember, she is under a great deal of stress that no-one else but her can understand.


These are just some thoughts and ideas. You can get as creative as you want. What would be good for one mom may not be good for another depending on her unique situation and feelings. Use your best judgment. Regardless, showing that you love and care can never be wrong. As they say, it is the thought that counts. And, it counts more than you could ever imagine.






6 thoughts on “Things you can do to show an alienated mom that you care on Mother’s Day … and every day.

  1. I won’t be going to church this Mother’s Day Sunday because of the disappointment I feel. But I will send flowers to a 70 something year old woman who is still alienated from her kids who are still taught by their abusive dad to hate & fear their mother. This man actually date-raped & impregnated their mom, but they have no clue, because this strong, courageous woman has protected them from the truth.

    • I understand how you feel. I am sure my daughter will be spending another fun filled Mother’s Day weekend at an expensive beach resort on Marco Island with her father, new step-mother and step-mother’s family. Same as she did last year. While I sit alone, flat broke, without so much as even a phone call and wondering what I did to deserve such pain and sadness in my life.

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