Why would you harm your OWN child?

Today my daughter should be proudly being inducted into the 7th grade NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) due to her extremely high GPA in all honors classes. But she won’t because her father and step-mother never bothered to have her do the required essay and turn it in on time. It is obvious that my daughter is not a priority in that home with the step-mothers other 3 kids. If you are too busy to be concerned and involved in her education, then please, I beg you, send her HOME where she belongs. To the mother who raised her for her entire life until you kidnapped her out of school on August 31, 2012. I think, in fact, that was the only time you have ever even been to her school, isn’t it? When you went there to kidnap her? PLEASE send her home to her mother because I care and I have the time to be involved in her education!!! I spoke to the NJHS sponsor who also happens to be her Lang Arts Honors teacher to verify. Thank you Judge Nick Nazaratien, Dr. Jeannine Jones (Apollo Beach Counseling Center), Paul and Connie Mundy and all others who have helped and enabled my ex-husband and his new wife to totally alienate me from every aspect of my daughters life – while permanently and negatively altering every aspect of her life including her education – as I sit here with my hands tied behind my back by a totally flawed family court system. You should all be so proud of yourselves. If my ex-husband had at least listed me as the mother on my daughter’s school records perhaps I could have tried to prevent this. He currently lists the step-mother as the mother. I only just now got access to her education because he finally listed me as an emergency contact on the form. I am sure he will take me off again as soon as the trial is over and he does not have to look good anymore. Parental Alienation is child abuse and a form of domestic violence. Only a vindictive, abusive sociopath would actively and repeatedly keep a daughter from her loving mother to the point of permanently damaging their relationship and harming their OWN child in the process. It makes me so sad for my daughter that she will not be receiving this very special academic honor today. One that she deserves so much. Instead of being inducted into the NJHS this evening, my 13 year old daughter will spend her evening like she does every other evening – homework, sweeping and mopping floors while also caring for the 15 month old baby that her father and step-mother created. From what I understand, she is getting very good at changing diapers.

5 thoughts on “Why would you harm your OWN child?

  1. It is such a helpless feeling to have your beloved child in the hands of an alienating parent. Even if the alienating parent does not want to bother with supervising or caring for our child, & even if they want to insist on not paying child support & having our child as a tax deduction, the alienating parent could at least ask us to help — the only help my ex asks for is $$$. He has completely cut me & my daughter out of each other’s lives & has convinced her she is better off even as she suffers in such a neglectful and emotionally & psychologically abusive situation.

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