Wishing a peaceful and stress free day to all of the alienated mom’s out there tomorrow.


Dear Alienated Mom’s

I can’t and won’t wish you a Happy Mother’s Day because I know that it won’t be. It can’t be a happy day when your child is being kept from you unjustly by a spiteful and hateful ex-husband. No-one can or should expect us to be “happy” about this especially on Mother’s Day – a day meant to celebrate moms all over the world. Especially when most of us will probably not see or even hear from our children.


But what I will wish you is a day that is as peaceful and as stress free as possible. For myself, I am just hoping to actually get a few hours of sleep tonight. I have not slept in weeks. Feel like I am coming down with a cold. Probably just run down. Just can’t seem to turn my brain off these days. Parental Alienation is sheer torture for me. I have a very long drive tomorrow – job interview and court stuff to take care of – and I am just so exhausted.


Praying for peace, strength, love, forgiveness, understanding, clarity, compassion, guidance, tenacity, resolve, insight, support, abundance and justice for all of us. Thank you all (alienated moms and dads) for being there. No-one can understand the pain the way we can.




3 thoughts on “Wishing a peaceful and stress free day to all of the alienated mom’s out there tomorrow.

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    I am grateful for all those who have reached out with love. Yesterday, I was outside my home with a bag of dirt to put in a plant pot. I put the bag on my steps & leaned over with scissors & cut an opening. Still leaning over, I just stared. And stared. Then I became conscious that neighbors would see me immobilized. I concentrated hard. I cut the opening large enough to pour the dirt out, but not too large so as to make a mess. Just thinking through this exhausted me. Later, with drooping shoulders, I started slowly sweeping my kitchen and living room area. I wanted so bad to lay down even though it was just around noon. My Sweetheart walked in & asked me what was wrong. He rushed over & hugged me. I then felt strong enough to release the tears that were weighing so heavily on me. I was sad not just for me, but all the other alienated moms. Thanks, K, for helping me get thru. Thank you for the prayer. I should read it every day.

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